Toronto, Markham, North York Notary Public

Toronto, North  York, Markham Notary Public

DocService Canada office is located at 5700 Yonge St., #200. Our Notary Public, Commissioners of Oath and Certified translators are here to assist you with personal and corporate documents certification. We would gladly seal your documents right on the spot for you, hassle-free and always within budget.

Please feel free contacting us at your convenience


Our Official Services:>
  • Notarization of Vital Records Certificates
  • Notarization of Birth Certificate
  • Notarization of Certified True Copies
  • Notarization of Consent to Travel Documents
  • Power of Attorney Attestation
  • Notarization of Signatures
  • Attestation of Signatures
  • Notarization of Statutory Declarations
  • Notarize Birth Certificates
  • Notarize Certified True Copy
  • Notarize Consent to Travel Letters
  • Notarize Signatures
  • Notarize Statutory Declaration
  • Notarize Application Forms
  • Notarize Diplomas
  • Foreign Embassy Stamps
  • Ontario Government Document Legalization
  • Permanent Resident Card Application Notarized
  • Consent to Travel Documents
  • Invitation Letter for Visitors’ Visas
  • Preparation of Statutory Declarations
  • Single Status Affidavit
  • Statement of Live Birth Notarized
  • True Copies Documents Notarization
  • Witnessing of Signatures, Commissioner of Oaths
  • Accountants Examination Application Notarized
  • Commissioner for Taking Affidavits
  • Commissioner of Oaths
  • Administering Oaths
  • Legalization of Notarized Documents
  • Certification and Notarization of Signatures
  • Certified True Copies
  • Notarization of Common Law Union Declaration
  • Certify Consent to Travel Documents
  • Certify True Copy of Diploma
  • Change of Name Application Notarized
  • Commission of Forms & Declarations
  • Commission of Statutory Declarations
  • Commissioner of Oaths Services Toronto
  • Common Law Union Statutory Declaration Notarized
  • Declarations Taken & Commissioned
  • Invitation Letter to Canada
  • Letters of Invitation for a Canadian Visitor Visa
  • Marriage Certificate – Certified True Copy