Documents Legalization for Libya

Fees per document:

  • — 90.00 CAD
    Note: All types of documents, except commercial invoices. Documents must be translated into Arabic, notarized and authenticated by DFAIT.
  • — 100.00 CAD
    Note: Commercial invoices (certain percentage of the invoice amount must be added to the fee. This final additional amount will be calculated by the Embassy)

  • — 10.00 CAD
    Note: Driver’s License validation. Required documents: 1) Valid passport copy; 2) Driver’s License in original; 3) of the license; 4) Letter of confirmation from Libya Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    • Disbursement fee of 169.95 applied to each document.
    • Processing time by the embassy/consulate is 10 business days.

DocService Canada team is here to help you with Embassy legalization

For the documents to be accepted by Embassy or Consulate, they should be duly legalized by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DFAIT) in Ottawa. DocService Canada team provides legalization services in a timely and professional manner. Our team in Ottawa would process documents for you in the same day as received. Please allow additional time for express postage to Toronto and Vancouver.

Please note that if your document is not in English or French, you would need it to be translated by a certified translator. Our team of professional translators is here to assist as well!

Simply contact us today for your free quote of translation, documents notarization and legalization. We work to help you!