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If you are planning to travel with a child without the other parent, or a child would have to travel alone, you may need to have a letter of consent to travel. This letter  gives a permission for the child to travel abroad with one legal guardian/parent, or alone.

This consent letter is to be prepared for every trip and has to be signed by both parents and attested by a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths.

In case of divorce or separation, it is recommended to have two consents signed — each signed by one parent.

DocService Canada Notary Public and Commissioners of Oaths would gladly assist you with the letter preparation and certification for border control officials.

Cost of our works is CAD $50.00 plus tax and includes drafting and Notarization — everything you’d need to have the letter ready right on the spot. Simply click on the Order Now above, or here and fill up the request questionnaire.